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If you are interested in fostering what are the names and ages of ALL residents of your home? (adults and children) Write n/a if you aren't willing to foster. *
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I Agree I understand that it is my decision whether or not to handle or foster any particular dog. I will not hold GSP Rescue New England, Inc. responsible for any damage, injury or harm caused directly or indirectly by any dog I handle as a volunteer for any rescue program. *

I understand it is not the policy of GSP Rescue New England, Inc. to reimburse me for general costs incurred in the rescue of GSP's in any locality. Adoption donations and local fundraising efforts will contribute to reimbursement of veterinary care specifically. I will not bring suit against GSP Rescue New England, Inc. its agents, volunteers, their heirs or estates in case of financial or other loss resulting from my activities as a rescue volunteer.

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