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Surrender form

In order to ensure the most appropriate placement for your dog it is important that the information you provide be as detailed and accurate as possible. We strive to place our dogs in situations where they will succeed and your input is vital to our ability to do so.

If you would like to surrender more than one dog please complete one form for each dog.

There is a 4 step process to surrender a dog:

  1. Complete the informational surrender form found below.
  2. We want to meet your dog.  Once we receive the completed surrender form a volunteer will make an appointment with you to meet him/her.
  3. We need your dog’s vet records.  While we prefer dogs are up to date with vaccines it is not a requirement to surrender a dog as we realize financial issues are sometimes a reason to surrender. We will ask you to have your vet fax your dog's records to us at 888 450 2519.
  4. We will move your dog into our foster program as long as he/she isn’t aggressive.  We do not leave dogs with surrendering owners while waiting for placement. We have found that the information provided to us by our foster homes is invaluable in helping us place your dog with the right family. We also complete any outstanding vetting while your dog is in foster care.

The surrender intake process can take anywhere from a few days up to two weeks. Most dogs are moved into foster care within two weeks.

Please email Celeste Long if you have any questions.

GSP Rescue New England Surrender Form

All fields must be filled in or the form will not submit .  Enter "N/A" if a question does not pertain to your dog.

Your Full Name*
Street Address*
Dog’s Name*
Is your dog AKC registered? If so, can you provide original copies of their registration?*
Name and number of microchip registry if chipped?*
Birth Date or approximate age*
Where did you get your dog?
Breeder's name *
Did you sign a return contract with the breeder? What is their name and contact info?*
Why are you surrendering your dog?*
House Trained?*
Crate Trained?*
This dog’s regular veterinarian*
Vets Phone #*
Does this dog have any physical problems or allergies?*
If yes, explain*
Is your dog on any medications?*
Has your dog ever been on medications or treated for a particular condition? Explain.*
Date of last Rabies inoculation?*
Date of last Distemper inoculation, if known?*
Date of last Bordatella inoculation if known?*
Date of Last Heartworm Test, if known?*
Negative or Positive result?*
Is your dog on heartworm and flea and tick preventatives?*
Which brands and what day of the month are they given?*
Your dog’s reactions to
Other dogs? Please be VERY specfic.*
Loud noises*
Riding in car*
Being alone in car*
Children/older, younger?*
Walking on Lead*
Being alone in house? how many hours a day?*
Being outside in fenced yard*
Being alone in fenced yard*
Is your dog a digger? Fence jumper?*
What does your dog like best?*
What does your dog dislike most?*
How does your dog act when fearful or unhappy?*
Has your dog ever bitten a human?*
If yes, explain in detail*
Has your dog ever bitten another dog? If yes, explain in detail*
Where does your dog usually sleep at night?*
Spend the day?*
What brand of food do you feed?*
Amount fed and how often?*
Has your dog had obedience training? If so, list commands known*
Has your dog had formal hunt training?*
If yes, trainer’s name*
List specific hunting commands known and management style used in the field. For example, whistle, e-collar, hand signals, voice commands, etc.*
Any bad habits, such as destructive behavior, separation anxiety, excessive barking, etc? If so, please explain in detail*
Any other information you wish to share?
When do you need your dog placed by?*
We will keep your identity confidential from all adoption applicants. However, do we have your permission to give the person who adopts your dog your contact information?*
If yes, what is your preferred method of being contacted? (For example, home or cell phone number, email only, etc. )
Describe the type of home you would want for your dog
Is your dog invisible fence trained?* Yes   No   
Do we have your permission to call your vet to obtain your dog's records?* I agree   I disagree      
To hep us confirm that your dog is a purebred GSP, please upload a recent photo.
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