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Resources for Adopters

Resources for Dog Owners

Below are a list of resources that we strongly urge our adopters, volunteers, and any dog owner to review. If you have adopted from us, you may find that many of these came to you in your adoption packet. These are great resources to have on hand for any dog owner!


All of our dogs are microchipped prior to adoption. Before adoption, we activate the microchip and register it to GSP Rescue New England. In order for your contact information to appear on file with the microchip company you must contact the microchip company directly and transfer ownership. Each company handles ownership transfer differently, so please contact your microchip company for details.

HomeAgain Chip FurKeeps Program: We are part of the HomeAgain Chip FurKeeps Program which allows us to receive a FREEmicrochip for each HomeAgain chip that our adopters register. If your newly adopted dog has a HomeAgain microchip, please transfer ownership so that we can earn a free microchip! Our Petfinders' shelter code is MA212.

Please keep GSP Rescue New England as the secondary contact.

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