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Today May 2019 I write with a very heavy heart the passing of our Cosmo. In September 2017 he arrived at our home just passing through we thought at the time, instead over a few weeks he quietly etched his way into our hearts with no intention of leaving. Cosmo was a big, tall dog but too thin for his size and he had a lot of skeletal issues. But with gentle coaxing he started to eat regularly and slowly managed daily short walks. By Spring 2018 he had grown into a handsome 80 lb plus dog with a magnificent soft coat. He quickly got the name “gentle giant” because of his calm, gentle approach and total focus he had towards my husband, who has dementia, and our friends who are also living with that brain disease.


Our family and friends felt that Cosmo had a special place in our lives and we never wanted it to end. We often wondered whether he was actually a GSP because food left on the table or food fallen on to the floor were never in danger of being gobbled up. He would just ignore it or stand there waiting for the OK. But sadly after 20 months we could see the decline in his quality of life, the difficulty he had just getting up and moving around, the times he tripped and fell when nothing was there. So we made the excruciating decision to end his life cradled in my arms, surrounded by my husband, a dedicated vet and technicians, all who had fallen in love with this gentle giant called Mr. Cosmo.

The house is now empty, too quiet & of course the void & loss is acute but we know we made the right decision for Cosmo even at the expense of our overwhelming sadness.  Thank you, NE GSP Rescue, for bringing Cosmo into our lives.

Sincerely, Christine, Michael, Johanna & Douglas

One could say that life with a Shorthair goes well beyond the day to day routine. We develop a bond so deep that words can never fully express the love and feelings we have for our dogs...and they for us. Sadly, as with most relationships in life, there comes a time when they must move on without us, and we are left with a void in our lives. Their presence was so huge that it's hard to imagine it can ever be filled again. However, we are comforted with beautiful memories of the special times with our friend. We dedicate this page in honor of our beloved GSP's that have moved on to a better  place waiting to be reunited with us again.

In Memory of Sally

It is hard to believe that our Miss Sally will not be in the kitchen waiting to give us our morning tail wag greeting anymore. So to help my husband and I handle the overwhelming grief we feel today, we are getting some comfort imagining her running freely, ears flapping, tail wagging through the fields with our seven other foster and adopted GSP Rescue dogs on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

On September 2015 12 year old Miss Sally arrived on our “doorstep” needing some TLC, a warm bed and food for perhaps only the next 4-6 wks as she was a hospice dog succumbing to oral cancer. Although at that time we were still working through our grief having just said “goodbye” to both our gsp rescues within five months of each other, we knew that our home was a perfect fit for a senior hospice dog.

Miss Sally arrived quietly into our lives that day, looking poorly and with little fanfare. What we noticed immediately was that her tail just did not stop wagging and she had the softest of eyes. Miss Sally soon showed us that she wasn’t a typical, energetic gsp, who loved to counter surf and steal food left out on a coffee table; she was a gsp who was more interested in a hand to stroke her ears, scratch under her chin, a human who willingly shared the sofa and who would take her for slow daily walks.

 Well 4-6 weeks turned into 18 glorious, precious months. During that time Miss Sally became a beautiful dog with soft eyes, smooth fur, a gentle mouth who wanted only to be very close at all times to her new family. Yesterday she lost the battle with oral cancer & went as she arrived, quietly with grace & a wagging tail.

 In Memory of Henry

August 21, 2015

 Henry Voss, GSP

 I supposed I should have noticed the subtle changes in our long daily bog walks.  Henry was always exploring ahead of me, putting his nose where it should not be, he was a dog that just could not resist every smelly something on the ground, because it was calling out to him to be rolled on. After having to euthanize his 14 yr old buddy,  Mr. Moses our other GSP Rescue, last December, I did notice that Henry never went out of my sight on our walks and if that happened, with one call from me he could be seen running at full speed, ears flapping, tongue hanging out, towards me for a check in and a treat. 


But last week everything changed. He was slower, he was just content to walk beside me, only stopping occasionally to sniff a turtle or some grass.  Yes I should have known something was wrong.  Sadly within seven days he was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen and liver and failing fast.   I know that it was the right decision to make for a 12-year dog, but he is truly missed.  Our home is so empty. We had 10 wonderful years with him. And so did the four GSP foster/adopted dogs that came into our lives over the years. Henry shared his water & food bowls, his beds and even his favorite sunny garden spots with each dog without a grumble or tense moment.

Henry, you were one of a kind. You introduced us to GSP Rescue for which we will be forever grateful.  And in time in your honor we will welcome another GSP Rescue into our home and they too will walk the same bogs as we did.  Until then

In Memory of Zeke

With your help, a decade ago last December 3rd we welcomed into our family a year old loving and handsome GSP named Zeke. A much bigger dog than our 13 year old Shorthair who had passed away earlier that Fall, Zeke seemed like a lot of dog....and he was ~ but in all good ways! Zeke was everything anyone could ever want in a canine family member: loving, gentle, playful, a cuddler, goofy, obedient (mostly), a great sleeper but just say the word and he was ready to go! In a house full of females, Zeke helped tip the scales a bit more evenly for my husband and the two did everything together - truly a man’s best friend.

Like many dogs Zeke was spoiled and even had his own bottom bunk in our camper. In fact, about 7 years ago we packed up our 3 girls and Zeke and headed out from Maine for a month long Summer camping trip across the country. We had reservations about taking Zeke during the heat of the summer with an already full truck, but couldn’t imagine leaving him in a kennel for a whole month.  Amazingly, we don’t believe Zeke could have been more well behaved during the entire trip!  We still shake our heads at just how easy Zeke was to bring with us for that month.


Very sadly, at just over eleven years old, a few weeks ago we had to say Good-Bye to Zeke. Our home feels empty and we miss him very much, but because of his failing health we knew it was the right decision for Zeke. Since GSP Rescue brought Zeke into our lives, we wanted you to know he had a wonderful and pampered life with his forever family and was loved very much!! We could never figure  out why Zeke had had 3 other homes in his first year of life, this dog was AWESOME but we are sure glad Zeke was available to come into our lives!

In Memory of Moses

It’s been eight weeks since we had to make the difficult decision that life for Moses as a true GSP was coming to a close.  Modern medicine might have extended Moses’ life for a few extra weeks but we knew that was only for our benefit of putting off the difficult decision. 

Moses bounded into our lives just four years ago at the perfect age of 9. He was the first of 20 rescue dogs of an interstate transporter, bounding down the ramp full of mischief and curiosity.  What we could not see at that moment was the endless unconditional love he would bring to our family, our friends and our village. He truly never met a stranger and if he managed to persuade the human to continue scratching and stroking his long soft brown ears, he would close his eyes and coo with joy.  He traveled with us on many long overnight road trips. He stayed in many motels always the perfect pet ambassador and as we left we always were asked to come back soon, “with Moses of course” the manager would say with a smile.


Moses’ mischief was notorious amongst our friends and family. There wasn’t a bed, sofa, counter or a dining room table he had not jumped up on nor a row of upper kitchen cupboards he had not opened and scattered the food everywhere. Locked! “Ah no problem,” I am sure he would say to his younger gsp brother, Henry. “It would just take me a few extra minutes”.

Oh so many stories to share about Moses. Our home is now quiet with just one gsp. We know in time in honour of all the fosters and adopted gsps we have welcomed into our home, there will be a bed for another one in the future. But for now the heart still aches for Mr Moses and the “do you remember when?” stories are still fresh in our minds, I believe we are truly half expecting him to bound around the corner with his lead in tow ready to rumble! Yes Mr. Moses you were special, you are missed.


                                      In Memory of Deanna

'Deanna came to our family six years ago at age 8. She was our first 'rescue,' and she taught us that no dog should ever be taken for granted. Always ready for a walk, a car-ride and her all-time favorite backyard cookie hunt, she reminded us that the simple things in life can bring great joy.  We miss her every day.

With great thanks to GSP Rescue NE for bringing us together,
The Sullivan family


A generous donation was made to the Zac, Chip and Duke fund by Patricia Russell
In Memory of Bogey, Delta and Rudy (mom, dad and son)


In loving Memory of Katie Sundermann
Four years in the life of a rescued GSP. Sun worshipper, wood stove devotee.

Thanks GSP Rescue New England


In Loving Memory of Doc Hiestand

We adopted you at 3 years of age. Little did we know then how much you would give us back in the next 14. Never having owned a GSP, none of us quite knew what we were in for. Those paradoxical mixes of mischief and innocence, clingyness and independence. You were a joy just to watch as you raced through the woods or bounded through the snow. You made us laugh often too. How many times did we have to wash your paws in a bucket of warm water after one of your digging frenzies...all we would see is your rear end high in the air and dirt flying out between your hind legs. Or when you would tree a cat in the early morning (that incessant bark told us you “had” something) and we'd have to come, leash in hand, and drag you inside. Or the time (er...times) where you and Jewel, our Weimaraner, got skunked. You both came to the door with that slightly guilty but "What's the problem?" look in your eyes. You were quite the hunter and as aggravating as it sometimes was, we soon learned to just shake our heads and smile and say "That's Doc". The wild turkey leg you "mysteriously" came home with, the huge garden snake you bit in two, lord knows how many mice and moles, oh, and the baby bunnies. I scolded you for that but you were so proud of yourself.

You had such a cute way of getting attention...coming up to one of us and pressing your head firmly down in our laps. But you received an unlimited supply of unsolicited affection. And the bond you had with Jewel is something we have never seen between two dogs before, it bordered on the spiritual. She gets along well with Trooper and Pepper (our new adopted GSP!!) but I'm sure she misses you boy, as we all do

When you were 13 you suddenly started to walk with an arched back and would yelp in pain when you turned your head. An MRI showed your spinal cord was compressed badly in your neck. At Tufts they said "We don’t even know how this dog is walking". Of course we opted for the (very expensive) surgery. People said "Are you crazy, spending that kind of money on a 13 year old dog??". Hardly. They just didn’t understand. And you went on for 4 more healthy, happy and loved-filled years.

You aged so gracefully and that graying muzzle made you even more handsome. More and more benign lipomas would appear on your body until we started calling you our "lumpy-bumpy boy". When you had your stroke last year things looked bleak, but you came back from that too. The vets were amazed, but we weren't. It was just another display of your courage and sheer will to live and love another day. Shortly before you left us, we adopted Trooper, a young Treeing Walker Coonhound. When we first showed him the property boundries you lead the way on the trail, almost as if to say "This is how it's done, young man". You were passing the baton to another, and like everything else you did it with style.

The last day... you walked the trail that morning with me. Stiff from arthritis and with a crooked gait, yet still strong and proud. You didn't know any other way than that. You will always be our "Docy" and we will never forget you. We miss you every day and you will always live in our hearts.

Until we meet again, my dear friend… Your loving family


In loving memory of Rhett Vinson

Rhett came into my life about 8 years ago when my family rescued him. He was from Missouri and was trained to hunt, he was a wonderful lumpy, frumpy, friend who was faithful and loyal and I miss him so very much! Rhett, you are and will always be loved, goodbye my friend.

– Rev. Gregory Vinson


In loving Memory of Coco Owens Jan-Dec 2011

Coco came to us in Vermont after we saw a plea for help for an 11 year old who had been given up by his owners on Christmas Eve. Yes Christmas Eve, who does that? Coco was his name and he was blind in one eye. He immediately had a spot in our hearts and in the first few days of January, he was home and we knew he wasn’t going anywhere.

Coco was at first a bit reserved but quickly got along with his two brothers and settled in…right on the couch! He did however have a fear of loud noises, thunderstorms and beeps in particular. This proved challenging as every time the oven beeped, Coco jumped up and ran outside. Once we figured out how to shut off the oven beeps, we started feeding Coco his treats out of the oven. After a while, he wasn’t as afraid and came to find us when he was scared instead of running outside. It just took him realizing he was home with people who loved him and he could trust. Once he got more comfortable he enjoyed his treats, eating potato chips, belly rubs, going outside the fenced in yard and lying in the garden while you worked. His favorite thing to do was go for a ride in the car.

In the fall, Coco became ill and the vets found a large tumor in his belly, too large to operate on. He initially responded well to the meds he was put on. But it wasn’t long when he had a set back and it was determined our beloved Coco boy had cancer. We started him on chemo in an attempt to make him feel a little better.

Two days after starting his treatment, Coco boy didn’t seem to be feeling any better and just wanted to lay down. He spent the morning outside in the garden watching me while I worked, but really perked up when I grabbed the keys to the truck to go do errands. Coco spent the afternoon in the truck doing errands with me and the last thing we did was get our Christmas tree. When we got home, Coco wouldn’t get out of the truck. I unloaded the Christmas tree and then lifted Coco out of the truck. As I set him down, his head tilted sideways and his front legs buckled. I picked him up and his little head just flopped on my shoulder. My poor boy just looked at me but couldn’t move. He was able to get out a few tails thumps when he saw his Momma.

Coco’s time with us was way too short. He was such a loving and special boy who was trying to start over. He is loved and missed by everyone who knew him.

We love and miss you Coco boy.

PJ, Shari, Emily, Eric, Riley and Buddy


In Loving Memory of Lucky

Thank you to the GSP Rescue team for uniting us with Lucky, a phenomenal dog that brought us tremendous joy on a daily basis throughout the six years he spent with us. I never thought much about the name his prior owner bestowed on him but as I reflect upon it now it was perfect. It wasn’t just a name to refer him by but much, much more. It was more about the good fortune that is synonymous with the term “Lucky” and it was not necessarily his good fortune but my family’s. I’ll always be grateful for the extreme impact that he made in making our family unit complete whether it was:

  • Watching him hunt rabbit, squirrel, chipmunks and birds in the yard
  • Having everyone race into the house to be the first one to see him after a day out
  • Walking the yard looking for my other shoe
  • Wondering where in the family room I would sit as the couch was taken
  • Being pushed out of my own bed while he was under the covers
  • And just being there always

Luck- you will always be my “PUPPY” and I will forever miss you and love you.

And no matter what kind of a day I was having you ALWAYS made me happy with your unconditional love...

Lucky you brought a different spirit for me in my life. You made me HAPPY and always felt LOVED. xoxo Mom

Missing you dearly Boy!

Brian, Cathy, Meghan, Allison & Sarah
and a special memory from Meghan:
I'll miss roughhousing with you and just miss having my best friend and cuddle buddy around : )


In Loving Memory of Brooke

We said goodbye to our sweet old girl Brooke last month as she passed the 'Rainbow Bridge' to join her sisters Sophie, Holly and Snickers. Brooke was the quiet one who came to us at age ten. However, her presence was always known as she followed me from room to room and rarely left my side.  She was an important part of our lives for seven more years and a good friend.

The two of us had our last little tailgate party at the old cemetery in Amsterdam where our rescue years began that ultimately brought her to us.  The sky was blue, geese were flying overhead, and the church bells were ringing. It felt as if though Heaven was ready to welcome her and make her whole again. I picture her running through the field of flowers beyond with her ears flying in the wind as they used to.

She will always hold a special place in my heart.

Ace and Bonnie

A generous donation in memory of Blitzen, Gertzel and Heidi was made to GSP Rescue NE by their dad Mark Garibotto

In Loving Memory Of Otto

Otto was our first rescue GSP. He came to us from a south shore family that had purchased him from a pet store. Otto started his life out tough as he contracted Parvo as a puppy and almost didn’t survive. The south shore family had very young children and couldn’t handle a GSP puppy as they are a handful so they contacted GSP rescue.

Otto was the best dog a man could ever hope to find. Otto’s perfect day consisted of patrolling the entire fence around the house and playing baseball with him retrieving the ball to collapsing exhausted at my side at the end of the day. He would greet me with happiness in his eyes after I returned from work and in the morning when I woke up.

He was taken from us too early from stage three cancer at a young age of 7. I will always miss you Otto, you left your paw prints on my heart and soul. Rest in peace boy.

I love you.


In Loving Memory of Coco

Dearest Cuddle Puppy Coco,

We were so blessed to have had your love. We will forever keep you in our hearts. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't be part of the GSP Rescue saving more dogs every day. We know that wherever you are, you are running, playing and catching the snowflakes. We are happier knowing that you are waiting for us and taking care of all the doggies that join you. Thank you for all that you taught us about love and endless patience. We will miss you always.

Mom, Dad, Taylor, Nick, Averie and Brandi


Ever Since I met you…… The Story of Gert

I was asked by my dog to make a noble decision for her last week. She told me that she had enjoyed a wonderful time with me, and that together we had taught children the value of the softest brown ears in the world, mothers that it is okay to feed Thanksgiving turkey from the table, squirrels that they shouldn't be digging in my ferns, birds that they should still keep a watchful eye when bathing in the big park fountain, and cats though they might make a stand and swat at her nose, that she simply wouldn't stop teasing them. She apologized for the gash in my chin that required stitches just two weeks ago (we didn’t mention the gash in the hand, the black eye or the dislocated fingers from previous years) and agreed with me that if any of the rugs were too dirty and couldn't be cleaned she'd be okay if I bought some new ones or had the old ones cleaned.

These were just a few of our thoughts as we sat in the Arboretum last Friday and enjoyed an unusually warm fall day sitting on a grassy hill. Gert had a bad heart. No, she had a great heart, but in the past 8 months her heart had decided that it just wouldn't work hard enough to keep her lungs full of good oxygen. She wouldn't accept that. As a matter of fact, she tried to commit suicide shortly after we discovered her heart condition.

She ate a two month supply of meat flavored doggy Motrin that was prescribed for my roommate's 15 year old dog. The vet said that there was nothing to do and that she wouldn't make it through the weekend. Though she did nearly die, she struggled back with the help of Gatorade, honey, and sweet potato. That was seven months ago in May. But I digress.

Since May each day has been a gift; some I said should have been re-wrapped and re-gifted, but they were ours and everybody's. Gert liked to make the story and I liked to tell it. Some might say embellish, but I don't think there was too much of that as I couldn't make facts bigger than Gert.

Everybody has the prettiest, smartest, and most wonderful dog, and so did I. She lives in my heart now. But Gert, like me, always took everything the extra inch, foot, yard, mile, and beyond. She was handsome, indomitable, persnickety, precocious, stubborn, smart, manipulative, loving, tender, courageous, trustworthy, and had a few but wonderfully rich group of friends. I’m not sure if I am the two legged embodiment of her, or if she is the four legged embodiment of me.

We had a dialogue. Whether it was in English, English with a German accent, an eye to eye look, or a loud repeated name calling, we knew how to communicate. She often ignored all of that if she happened to come across a pile of rice in the park, a cupcake wrapper in the street, a pizza crust just out of her reach on the other side of a fence, or bread thrown out for birds in the winter. I often thought there must be a few birds that didn’t make it through the cold winter because Gert found and ate all the nibbles so kindly strewn across the ground for them.

Gert was a rescue or a used dog as I liked to call her. She had been called Misty when I got her and that name was changed as soon as I decided she could stay. I thought I was just fostering her until I found a home for her. She thought otherwise and knew the minute she laid eyes on me that we were going to be together. I tried three times, each more poorly than the next to give her away, but she would have none of it and outlasted me – yes, determined was yet another of her characteristics. A friend of mine sent a beautiful green gardenia, waxy green in its freshness and pregnant with blossoms ready to release their heavy perfume. The accompanying note read “You rescued ole’ Gertie and gave her a great life. You were her sun, moon, and stars… She loved you always and unconditionally which is why she held onto life so long even when she was really sick. Hugs, Ditty”. My vet wrote “She was like a cat with 9 lives - what a strong will to live. But then, she probably thought why go to heaven, when I already have heaven on earth?”

Grabbing a seat on the one ride we get on this carousel of life is not a choice. We don’t get to decide where we sit or how fast the ride is going to be. And, it can be a struggle to hold on. But we must do the best we can to enjoy and find the beauty in it all; it is not easy as we all know. Grab the most brass rings, smile at everyone that goes by, and share joy however you are able.

I said goodbye to my friend on our terms in her space in our living room. Peaceful and strong - that was both of us. I trust someday that mankind can be as kind to their own.



In Loving Memory of Hunter

Hunter could not be kept from anything edible. Early on he ate a bucket of glucosamine chews. Days later he broke into the 40lb. dog food bin, consuming a boatload. His kibble had to be individually bagged and placed on top of cabinets. Next, he started breaking into the refrigerator. He must have put his mouth on the handle and really pulled because the fridge was never where I last left it. My apartment was strewn with debris but not a speck of food was left. This continued because nothing I did worked.

He also had an appetite for other dogs, capturing them with his mouth and not letting go. Not hurting them but keeping them at bay.

What had I gotten myself into?
But, 6 months into my adoption, Hunter for the first time, walked up to me. He had had a hard life and now he was beginning to trust me. Now I knew we could both make this work. I found a no-nonsense obedience school. Learned to walk my ingester at heel, keep a wide berth at corners and make him listen to me. His muzzle came off for good. We walked all over Boston, enjoying every second, except for the odd off-leash dog when I would have a heart attack.

And what about the fridge issue? Padlocks!
My Hunter remained himself up to the last second at the vet's, his head submerged in a bowl of treats. Only the refrigerator was missing.


In Loving Memory of Floyd

Floyd was our first introduction to GSPs. Now, our family will never be without one (or two). He came to us as an eager to please but reserved 6yo and soon became the center of our family. Floyd’s energy & enthusiasm was endless, his love and devotion unparalleled. Ball player, bird watcher, counter cruiser, ninja wrestler, protector and most importantly, master cuddler. When we adopted Riley, our second GSP, Floyd graciously moved over to share his sofa and taught him how things were done around our house (like how to cock your head just right to make us melt). Floyd even taught Riley that pizza was the holy grail…even prior to cooking. One fall night, we had just emptied out the pizza dough onto the counter, and before we could blink, Floyd had it and was off and running. After many laps around the island, with dough swinging from his mouth, we finally caught up to him only to have his vise-like jaws deny us from retrieving the dough. A kiss on the nose was enough of a distraction for him to release his grip. Floyd loved his pizza, but he loved his family more!

On August 29, 2010, Floyd shared his last heartbeat with us. His stub continued to wag and he gave kisses until the very end. We celebrate the gift he was to us, and the wonderful memories that we will forever have of the sweet, speckled soul that was our Floyd.

Thank You GSP Rescue NE for bringing us Floyd, then Riley, and now Coco! The work everyone does for Rescue is an amazing thing!

~PJ, Shari, Emily and Eric Owens
GSP Rescue NE thanks the Owens family for their generous donation in memory of Floyd.


In Loving Memory of Morgan

Morgan, the GSP we adopted from the New England GSP was sadly put down several weeks ago.  We adopted Morgan when he was 9, and  at 14+ years, it was a tough decision but his quality of life was such that we had to put him down.

We had many good years with Morgan and thank GSP Rescue New England for trusting us with him.  He was truly loved and well cared for.  Morgan spent many great weekends running and exploring our 70 acre weekend house in Maine.  His favorite recreation was singing to the neighbors and guarding our yard in Massachusetts.  Our other GSP misses him greatly.

~ Donna & Bill Moore


In loving Memory of Bruin, Boston, and Harley

Bruin: We brought our beloved Bruin home as a pup in Dec 1993; he was the runt of the litter. Bruin was with us for all of the firsts in our young marriage. We bought our first home because of him: his howling while we were at work got us kicked out of our apartment! Being a ball lover, Bruin loved the new backyard and would play ball until he passed out. As he grew with our family, Bruin watched over our first son and then our two additional sons. He was excellent at cleaning up the kitchen after the little ones ate! He happily welcomed two doggy siblings, Boston and Harley, into our family. On the day after Thanksgiving in 2008 we had to make the difficult decision that his time had come; old age had finally caught up with him. We want to thank Cindy and Phil for giving us such a special GSP. Not a day goes by that we do not speak of Bruin; one of our son's has special needs and often recalls "Bruin in Heaven".

Boston: While looking for a companion for Bruin we met Boston. This sweet love had the biggest GSP ears and jowls and was the silliest dog ever. When she shook her head and we would say "take cover" since drool would fly through the air. She liked birds, but her favorite thing to do was play with our 3 year old son. She would do back flips while chomping at snow (or dirt) flying from his shovel; they were the dirtiest two in the house! Unfortunately, Boston came down with severe seizures, possibly from a tumor.Her seizures could not be controlled with medication. I looked at her one night and said, "She is going to have a seizure tonight." She did. We did not want her to suffer anymore so we took her the next day to find a comfortable life in heaven. Boston added so much to our lives in those two short years with us; she was the best lap puppy ever.

Harley:Wanting a companion for Bruin, we adopted Harley from a shelter in 2003. He was agentle giant with a big tummy, tumors all over his body, and was the calmest GSP we had ever seen (it turned out he had hypothyroidism). The first two nights at home, Harley snored so loudly that you could hear him upstairs in the bedroom while he slept in the family room downstairs! Harley had a way of calming our busy, special needs son, Kamden. Harley would lounge outside, sunning himself and Kamden would sit and pet Harley and be completely calm. They were the best of buddies. During the summers, Harley would sneak time in the kiddie pool, rolling around like a polar bear in the water; a sight to see! Harley made the move to our current home and went through the loss of Bruin. He enjoyed another year with us until all those lumps and bumps and his enlarged liver got the best of him. Harley was part of our family for 6 loving years.

After losing Harley, we found a new GSP within months. Our family adopted Max last October, an owner surrender to GSP Rescue New England. We met Max during the surrender process and fell in love. The day we visited him I said, "If I could have him today, I would." We adopted Max, our first dog from GSP Rescue New England, a short time later. On the first night, Max snuggled with me and our youngest son during his bedtime story; we could not have asked for anything more. We are celebrating our first year with Max this October, 2010!

~ The Duprey Family
GSP Rescue New England would like to thank the Duprey Family for their generous donation in memory of their three beloved GSPs: Bruin, Boston, and Harley.


In loving Memory of Sophie

You were the light in our family and showed us all what Love truly was.

You welcomed many a foster dog into our home and comforted each one and made them feel welcome. You endured a couple of our own that tried to rule the family and made it difficult for all of us in those early days. You were never demanding and quietly commanded everyone's attention by your gentle soul.

We will miss you and do miss you and think of you each day. Shortly after your death a senior GSP entered our lives. I think you sent her our way knowing she needed a loving home and a nurturing environment.

I know you would have welcomed her with open arms... just like heaven has welcomed you now.

You are our love and always will be,

~ Debbie and Andy Williams
GSP Rescue New England would like to thank Debbie and Andy Williams for their donation in memory of Sophie.


In loving Memory of Annie

Annie was a beloved member of our family for 4 short years. She passed on to the green fields in heaven after a long fight with Kidney failure. She started out in a tough way by being picked up as a abandoned stray in Cool California and was adopted by her former owner who was a salesman who traveled most of the time. He brought her out to live in Boston but he realized that GSP’s need lots of room to run and someone who will always be there for them. He posted her as a free dog on Craig’s list and that is where we found her.

After joining our family she quickly became head of the pack and ruled the other rescue dogs with a firm paw. Whoa to the dog who stood up to her when she broke up the boys when they played too loud or rough. We loved her very much and will miss her every day.  She was most happy curling up in your lap after a long day running and chasing butterflies.

Rest in peace girl as you went down the path ahead of me. I will join you in heaven some day and run with you once more.

~ Charlie and Jacquie Werner
GSP Rescue New England would like to thank Charlie and Jacquie Werner for their donation in memory of Annie.


In loving Memory of Sophie

No one could believe that I was adopting a nine-year-old dog, but after meeting Sophie, no one could believe that she was a nine-year-old dog. Sophie was adopted from these very pages; given over by a thoughtful yet heartbroken owner who recognized that she could no longer take care of her. Sophie graciously adopted us as her new family and filled us with a lifetime of memories in the six years since. Sophie's large heart and magnetic personality endeared her to everyone. Always at the ready, Sophie could retrieve anything with a scent and was willing to prove it on a daily basis. It is with a broken heart that I write this memorial of her passing, for I have lost my best friend.

Rest in Peace -- 4/15/2010



In loving Memory of Patty

Never before have we had a dog that made such an impact on our lives. Patty arrived on our doorstep with little fanfare and a few simple wishes a warm comfortable bed, tasty treats, the chance to lay her head on her owner’s knee and long daily walks. Just looking at her picture you can see why everyone who met her smothered her with TLC. Yet today we had to decide that your body was getting tired and you could no longer live the full dog life that you were entitled too. Patty out of your 15 yrs we only enjoyed you for 2 years but they were the BEST two years any dog owner could have wished for. Thank you. You will always be in our hearts.

"Love, Christine, Michael, Johanna and Douglas"


In loving Memory of Shelby

"It hurts beyond words to suffer the loss of a friend" ~Stephen Huneck~

You were wise beyond your six years, Miss Shelby. An old soul, some would say. You lived each day of your year with us as if something special were going to happen. You knew that a sunny day meant a warm spot on the porch and a long nap; mornings meant a romp across the lawn with your brother and every meal was cause for much celebration.

If a life is measured by the joy it has brought to others, then your time with us, Miss Shelby, was truly immeasurable.

Sadly missed by Tom, Gloria and GSP brother Hershey


In loving Memory of Bentley

Bentley (A.K.A. "Beans") was our beautiful boy. He came to us through the GSP Rescue when he was 8 1/2 years old.

He was the lumpiest dog we had ever seen, but he was tall and majestic, with a big, beautiful face, deep, expressive eyes, huge, gorgeous jowls. And he had a kind and gentle soul.

He was happy, curious and loving every day. He pranced gracefully, and counter-surfed regularly (successfully, most times). He was happiest just hanging out with his little GSP sister, Bella, and with cuddling with his family.

We miss him every day.

We love you forever, Mr. B....Until we meet again....Love, your family


In loving Memory of Max

He moved into our house, our hearts, and yes our bed. We played, laughed, cried, and sometimes scolded. We taught him to sit, to come, to give paw. But never really heel, unless we had a cookie. He taught us how to listen, to be patient, to enjoy life, and how to love in a whole new dimension. Most importantly he taught us how to do things his way. He was our friend and companion. He is dearly missed. He waits for us across the Rainbow Bridge. He is Max. 07/12/1996 to 1/11/09 forever in our hearts... Suzanne and John

GSP Rescue New England would like to thank Suzanne and John Crivelli for their donation in Max's memory.


In loving Memory of Pete

"Pete was a gentle giant. He weighed over 90 lbs, and was as soft as silk. He was a quiet, calm boy (well, except for meal time), and everyone who met him absolutely fell in love with him. He was a therapy dog for the elderly and those afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease. He brought so much joy to so many lives. Pete was the inspirationbehind GSP Rescue New England. I took Pete as a foster at age eight-ish, when his owner passed away. At the time, rescue was a very small group of volunteers, working through the Mayflower GSP Club. As my love and commitment to Pete grew, so did my desire to help as many GSPs as possible. So, I founded GSP Rescue New England.

Although I moved from the Boston area in 2005, I left GSP Rescue NE in the capable hands of some amazing volunteers. They have grown the organization beyond my wildest dreams. When I built this website, I put Pete's photo in the far right of the photo bar that runs across each and every page. Although he is no longer with us, he will continue to "lead the way" for all of the other GSPs that will come into the New England program."

We miss you sweet in peace.
Michelle (Burgess) Salyers and Dennis Salyers

GSP Rescue New England would like to thank Michelle and Dennis Salyers, Willa Slack, and Natalie Gentilo for their donations in Pete's memory.


In loving Memory of Boo

In Memory of Boo-

If for one second....

We could feel that ticklish feeling of her licking our toes from under our blanket..

We could hear her tapping nails on the other side of the door as she eagerly waits to greet us...or feel the nibble on our ears from her total joy of reuniting.

If for one second... We could feel her excited heart beat as she lies between us...

then once again, we'll feel the sweetest and most addictive love we have ever known."

Missed by Lucy and Bill.


In loving Memory of Bailey

"Bailey Munchkin truly was one of the most special dogs you'd ever meet. So unlike a typical GSP, he was big, goofy, clumsy and low energy. But he was also a snuggle bug, obedient, loyal, and had a heart of gold. All of these things allowed him to have a wonderful life and caused SO many people to love him. As Jazzy was my soul, Bailey was my heart. He lived a full life and loved to just chew his bone and play with his stuffed green pepper toy. And when he came down with Degenerative Myelopathy, he faced it for two years with bravery, faith and courage. He accepted losing the ability to walk, loved using his cart, and still lived life with a big heart. He was my hero and my friend. He touched so many lives and he will never be forgotten by those that knew him."

Missed by Audrey and John and countless others who walked the journey with him.

GSP Rescue New England would like to thank Lorraine Carmosino, Leslie Michell-Young, Chris Cranston, Lisa Corti and Mark Troxel for their donations in Bailey’s memory


In loving Memory of Jasmine

"My first GSP puppy...need I say more! We taught each other many things, including trying to stay one step ahead of each other. She had an iron will and when she looked at you, she looked into your soul. Her favorite things in the world were playing Frisbee and going for our daily hikes. She ran those woods like she owned them. Forever remembered as a master thief - particularly of butternut squash and blueberry pie, there will never be another Jazzy. She was my soulmate, my friend, my Jazzygirl. Although not a Rescue, she led me to love this breed and I honor her memory by helping GSP's find loving homes."

Deeply missed by Audrey Carmosino and all who knew her.


In loving Memory of Gretchen

"One of the most important lessons that she taught me is the importance of letting those you love know how you feel. There wasn't even a second when I felt anything but an overwhelming love for her and she never missed an opportunity to let Joe and I know how much she loved us. She truly was a once in a lifetime friend."

Loved and missed by Erin & Joe

GSP Rescue New England thanks Gretchen's family for their donation in her memory.


In loving Memory of Astrid

"We adopted this sweet girl through Rescue and she was our first introduction to the breed. We totally fell in love with her spunk, her speed (on foot and with kisses!) and her love for life.

We still miss playing ball with her everyday and taking her swimming at the beach. Though Astrid was irreplaceable, our love for her led us to volunteer more time with Rescue. We continue to honor her memory everyday while working to save more needy GSP's."

Dearly missed by Michele and John Spooner


In loving Memory of Buck

"We adopted this beautiful boy at four years old from someone who could no longer care for him. At that time we had an eleven year old weimeraner and although quite different in personality, they fast became best friends. Buck had a "passion" for playing ball. I think that is one of the things we miss about him most. Up until his very last day, his eyes would brighten and his ears would perk up at the mere suggestion of playing fetch. (And cookies, of course!)

We miss him every day and although irreplaceable, we have honored his memory by adopting another GSP who needed a good home."

Art and Deb Tagliaferri

GSP Rescue New England thanks Buck's family for their donation in his memory.


In loving Memory of Cocoa

"Cocoa was my first dog. At the time I was a 'cat person'. She was a stray that was found on the highway, I got her from a older couple. I never knew her real birthday or how old she was. She was my best friend. She loved to go on drives and swim. I never saw a dog love the water like her.

After about a year and a half, one day she started walking really strange. We took her to the vet that day but they sent us home. By late evening she couldn't walk, we live on an island without 24 hrs ferry service so we had to wait until morning to take her back to the vet. Come to find out she had slipped a disc in her back and she was paralyzed. They said they could operate but gave her a less than 5% chance of walking. We were devastated. We didn't know what to do, against everyone's opinion we brought her home for the weekend. We thought we would keep her and get her a wheelchair. That was the worst weekend ever, just because I realized she had to go to doggy heaven. She couldn't walk, or use the bathroom, and most of all she couldn't run or swim and she didn't know why.

It was for the best, but almost 3 years later I still miss her. I now have 2 other GSP's (Berlyn & Lucky) and I am not a cat person anymore!

Katie & John


In loving Memory of Frank

Frank A. Young
May 2 1953 - September 2 2006

The brightest star in the sky....
A most rare and noble spirit...dear friend, active volunteer on behalf of animals with a brilliant mind and a passionate heart. Sweet husband, you are missed beyond measure.

Les, Demijen, Bosco, Paisley and Holly


In loving Memory of Molly

"People thought we were crazy when we decided to adopt an 11.5 year old dog thru Rescue. Our initial meeting turned out to be true love. Molly was with us for two wonderful years, and she made every minute important.

Molly woke up happy every day and never stopped until bedtime. She always carried a ball in her mouth, and always wanted to us to drop whatever we were doing and play. It worked most of the time!

She showed us that age is irrelevant. Molly was always giving 100% of her self to us. We still miss our sweet girl running in the yard, and miss those kisses. We will always treasure our time with her, & we know that adopting a senior wasn't so crazy, after all."

Molly is always in our hearts - Lynn & Bob


In loving Memory of Nikki

"Nikki, a 10 yr old, started as a foster dog with us but within two weeks we felt that she had always been with us and so we officially adopted her.

Every day she taught our rambunctious 4 yr old GSP some doggie manners and when he forgot them, especially when she was on point at the bird feeder, she was quick to gently discipline him.

Nikki even proved to us that you could teach an old dog a new trick. Once she discovered the joy of catching a ball, although she had no idea what to do next, the two dogs got endless fun chasing each other around with a ball in the mouth. One evening the family quickly learnt that Nikki had no intention of being left to sleep downstairs. By butting her head against the stair gate, she could create a small gap to squeeze through, sneak upstairs and quietly sleep on the floor at the bottom of the bed.

Sadly Nikki's time with us was too short within 6 months she had quickly succumbed to cancer but she certainly left "paw prints on our hearts" forever.

Lovingly missed by Christine and Michael Voss


GSP Rescue New England thanks Danielle Newland and Jessica Mantaro  for their donation in memory of beloved rescue GSP, Shelby.  Danielle writes, "We cannot adequately describe the joy that Shelby brought to her forever home with us, and while we are heartbroken that she is gone, she will forever be in our hearts and we are better people for that."
GSP Rescue New England thanks Candace and Benjamin Phelps, Lee and Elizabeth Ramsauer, Matt Bauer, Kaufman, Osit & Vasquez, P.C., Sarah Ball, Autopart International and Friends at the Laboratory for their donations in memory of Richard Cannon Phelps, father of GSP Rescue New England volunteer, Wendy Phelps.
GSP Rescue New England would like to thank Lauren Good for her donation in memory of "Reglan" loved dearly by Melissa Martin. Reglan's life was cut short, but was filled with love and fun with Melissa, who totally adored him!
GSP Rescue New England would like to thank Terry and Mike Young for their donation in memory of their beloved rescued GSP, Tucker.
GSP Rescue New England would like to thank Claudia Sullivan for her donation in memory of "Playful Sullivan, the prettiest GSP."
GSP Rescue New England would like to thank Charles and Sandra Gallow for their donation in memory of Simon Furrow.
GSP Rescue New England would like to thank the Scatterday family for their donation in memory of "Foster", the dearly beloved GSP of Ann Matthews of NY.
GSP Rescue New England would like to thank Lauren Good for her donation in memory of "Reglan" loved dearly by Melissa Martin. Reglan's life was cut short, but was filled with love and fun with Melissa, who totally adored him!
GSP Rescue thanks David Monahan for his donation in memory of Daisy, beloved GSP of Gabriel O'Malley.
GSP Rescue thanks Charles and Claudia Sullivan of Vernon, CT for their donation in memory of their beloved GSP, Matilda.
GSP Rescue thanks Trudy Van Houten for her donation in memory of her beloved GSP Perry. Perry and Henry. Noble friends.
GSP Rescue thanks Danielle Cosgrove for her donation in memory of Rugby, beloved GSP of Kerri Madden.
GSP Rescue thanks Anita Bellmore for her donation in memory of Klaus D'Alessio.
GSP Rescue thanks the Occhino family for their donation in memory of Leonard Boera (Board Member Celeste Long's father).
GSP Rescue thanks John Phelan (along with Daisey and Cotton) for his donation in loving memory of Carolyn Sidebottom.
GSP Rescue thanks Lucy Grante-Ruane for her donation in memory of her beloved rescued GSP, Mac.
GSP Rescue thanks Maryann Beauchene for her donation in memory of her wonderfully devoted GSP, Tiara.
GSP Rescue thanks Leslie Michell-Young for her donation in memory of Buster, beloved rescued Lab of Michele Spooner, former President of GSP Rescue New England.
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