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Questions about the Breed

I see the word “shorthaired”, does that mean GSPs are hypoallergenic?
No, GSPs are not hypoallergenic.

Are GSPs good with kids?
Many GSPs are great with kids! Each dog is different, and if you are applying with children we will only place a dog in your home if we know he has a good history with children.
Please remember that GSPs, especially young ones, are prone to being very energetic and the biggest risk they pose is getting too excited and knocking kids over. Because of this, a young family might be best suited for a middle aged dog who is experienced with children.

Are GSPs good with cats?
Some are; many are not. GSPs are often highly prey driven and a furry, running cat often initiates that instinct. Read more about the GSP breed by clicking here.
If you are applying and have a cat, keep in mind that it will likely take longer to find you a dog since the dog must be good with cats. But, be patient! We adopt many dogs to homes with cats.

How much does it cost to adopt a GSP through GSP Rescue New England?
Our adoption fees range from $150-$450. Fees are generally based on the age of the dog, with the fees for younger dogs closer to $450 and fees for older dogs closer to $150.


Questions about Adoption

How long will the application process take?
We will respond to your application via email within 72 hours of the application being submitted. After you receive email acknowledgement, the process may take anywhere from several days to several weeks. The length varies due to volunteer and applicant availability. Please be patient and remember that we are an all volunteer organization.

My application process seems to be taking too long. What do I do?
Contact Celeste Long for more information on your application process. What does my adoption fee cover?
All of our dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and micro chipped prior to adoption. Our vetting protocol includes the following veterinary care: Rabies vaccine, Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine, Distemper/Parvo vaccine, Lyme vaccine, Leptospirosis vaccine, Heartworm and Lyme testing, heartworm and Lyme preventative during foster care, fecal testing, and deworming when necessary.
If a dog tests positive for Lyme or heartworm, or any other ailment, we provide immediate treatment while in foster care.

Does GSP Rescue New England make money on adoptions of dogs?
No. GSP Rescue New England is a registered 501c3 non-profit. Any money that is received through donations, adoption fees, surrender fees, or merchandise sales goes directly to the veterinary care of future GSP’s in our care.

I saw a GSP on Pet Finder who is not in a New England state. Can you help me get this dog?
No. We only deal with dogs in the New England area (MA, RI, VT, NH, CT, and ME). If you are interested in a dog outside of New England or in the care of another rescue, you must contact that rescue directly.
**Please note: most rescues will only deal with applicants in their region. Most will redirect you to us. We will happily work with you to help you find a local dog who meets your needs.

Where are your dogs located? Can I go meet them?
Our dogs are located in foster care throughout New England (MA, RI, VT, NH, CT, and ME). After you have been approved to adopt we will facilitate meetings with adoptable dogs who are a good match for your family. Generally, you will have the opportunity to meet a single dog at a time. If the first dog you meet does not fit your family, we will set up subsequent meetings with other adoptable dogs to help you find the right dog for you.

Where do your dogs come from?
Our dogs generally come from the New England area and may be from a local shelter or surrendered to our program from an owner. On occasion, some of our dogs come to New England from the mid-west.

What happens if I adopt a dog and it does not work out?
If at any time during the life of your adopted dog you find that you are unable to keep him, you must contact GSP Rescue New England. We will accept the dog back into our program and find him a suitable home. This is a clause in your adoption contract. You may not give the dog to a friend, family member, or try to sell or give away the dog through other means.

Why do you require fencing?
For many reasons! German Shorthaired Pointers are an active breed who requires extensive exercise to stay fit, healthy, and happy. But, they are also a breed who is strongly prey driven and likely to chase small animals. For the safety of your GSP it is important that you have a fenced in area where your GSP can exercise regularly and safely.
Also, many of our adoptable dogs have been picked up as strays. These dogs likely got this way after escaping from an inadequately fenced or unfenced yard. We strive to place our dogs in stable, safe homes that can make up for the inadequacies the dogs faced in their previous homes.Without fencing, you are risking the loss of your newly adopted dog and that is unacceptable to us.
Finally, our fencing requirement is established to help keep your pet safe from hazards such as cars, other dogs, and other animals. It only takes a single car strike to injure or kill your pet, so even if you live in a sparsely populated area with few cars, it is still important to have fencing to maintain the safety of your dog.

Can I use Electronic Fencing?
Yes, electronic fencing is an acceptable form of fencing.

Does the use of an electronic collar meet your fencing requirements?
Usually, no. The downfall to an electronic collar is that you must always go outside with your pet to ensure that he stays within the boundaries. This is not always feasible to do every time our dogs need to go outside. Traditional or electronic fencing is required.

Where is GSP Rescue New England located?
GSP Rescue New England does not have a physical location; we are an all volunteer organization that is run solely by volunteers. If you need to contact us via mail, please direct correspondence to our PO Box:
GSP Rescue New England
PO Box 3571
Wakefield, RI 02880

Will a rescue dog hunt?
Our dogs are placed as house pets and we do not guarantee hunting ability. Many GSPs arrive in rescue because they do not hunt for various reasons. While some dogs do go on to be trained to become accomplished hunters we cannot guarantee hunting ability.


Surrendering a Dog

I can no longer care for my GSP and I want to find him a new home. What do I do?
You may fill out our surrender form. A volunteer will contact you soon to discuss your options and the next steps in the surrender process.

I have a GSP who is driving me crazy!!! What can I do?
You have two options. If you would like to try and keep your dog, we can offer suggestions for common behavior problems. In most cases we can also refer you to local trainers who can help you. Contact Celeste Long for suggestions and support in dealing with your GSPs unique characteristics.
If you do not want to keep your GSP, please fill out our surrender form.


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