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Adoption Application

Mailing Address (if different)
Email Address*
Please confirm your email address
Home Phone
Cell or Work Phone
What is the best time for a volunteer to reach you?
Are you married, single, have roommates?
What is your reason for wanting to adopt a rescued GSP?
Have you applied to any other rescue groups, shelters or breeder in the last 6 months? If so, please list.
Have you ever personally owned a dog before? Yes    No   
Have you ever adopted/owned a rescue dog before?
Have you ever owned a GSP? Yes    No   
Do you still own a GSP? Yes    No   
If you have never owned a GSP before what is your reason for interest in one? Have you researched the breed?*
What other breeds have you owned?
If your former pet(s) no longer reside with you, how did you lose it (them)?
Do you have a preference as to gender and age?
Would you consider a dog older than 7 knowing the many benefits of an older dog?
Are you looking for primarily a pet or hunting companion? What traits would you like your new dog to have?
Do you intend to crate train your dog? If not, why not?
Are you willing to attend obedience classes with your adopted dog? If not, please explain why.
Please list current animals in your household. Include all dogs, cats, birds, rodents, etc. Please include gender, age, etc. If there are no animals currently in the household, please enter
How far are you willing to travel to get your new dog?
What is your timeline for searching for a dog? (weeks, a few months, up to 6 months, up to a year, no limit)
Are your current pets spayed/neutered? If not, please explain why.
Have you ever given a pet away, taken a pet to a shelter or returned one to a breeder? If so, please explain the circumstances.
Will someone be home with the dog during the day? Yes    No   
If not, how much time will the dog spend alone on a daily basis?
Where will he/she spend that time? (crate, gated area, heated garage, etc)
Will someone take time off when the dog first comes? Yes    No   
Where will the dog sleep? (crate, dog bed, family member's bed, etc)
Do you or have you ever routinely used a tie out or dog run to contain your dog(s)?
  Yes    No   
What activities do you enjoy with your dog? (walking, running, swimming, play in the yard, watching tv on the couch, etc)
Are you willing to give a new dog at least 6 months to adjust to you, your family and his/her new environment? 
  Yes    No  
Do you intend to be a single or multiple dog family? Single    Multiple   
Please list the name of any specific dogs you are inquiring about. If you are not inquiring about a specific dog, please enter
Who will be the dog's primary caretaker?
What are the ages of ALL adults in the household?
Are all the adults in the home supportive of the adoption of a GSP?  
  Yes    No 
Are there any children in the household and what are their ages? If there are no children, please enter
Does anyone living in the home suffer from allergies or asthma?
  Yes    No   
Do you live in a condo or apartment? Yes    No   
Do you RENT or OWN your home, townhouse, condo, apartment, etc.?
  Rent    Own   
Condo or Renter Residents: Please provide condo management contact's or landlord's name, address, and phone number.
Who will take care of your pet when you go away on vacation?
Are you planning on moving within the next year? Yes    No   
Do you have a fenced in yard? Yes    No   
Describe the type of fencing you have (stockade, chainlink, invisible,etc).
If traditional fencing, how high is the fence?
What is the size of the fenced in area?
Is your fencing secure, in good repair and operational if invisible? (ie: no gaps, breaches and gates secure?)
  Yes    No   
If you do not have any fencing in place, would you be willing to install traditional or invisible fencing?
  Yes    No   
Do you have a regular veterinarian? Yes    No   
*How long have you been going to him/her?*
Veterinarian's Name
Are you aware of the annual cost of proper care for a HEALTHY dog in your area?
Will you deal with health issues (e.g. hip dysplasia, incontinence, cancer, etc) should the dog need special care later in life?
  Yes    No   
For what reasons would you ever give up a dog?
Is there anything else we should know in order to help us match you with the right GSP?
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